Best workflow for images

Ok, so I have just completed my first one page site in webflow, and I really like it.
I have transitioned from Muse, so glad there is something that is just as visual, and easy to use.

One question I have is… what is the best workflow to use for images?
In Muse, I would just dump in a PSD or large JPG, and use muse to crop, resize etc, and let it do all the compression etc. This was great because I could just right click edit original, and changes would get done everywhere.

As I am designing and building at the same time, Im never sure what size I really need the image, but I think I still need to give webflow a compressed / optimised final asset? so this means uploading multiple copies of the same image over the course of the project.

From the image manager, I cant see a way to replace an image site-wide?

Maybe Im missing something?

What is your best workflow for images? Id love to know how you work it - even on your local side - photoshop mockup of the whole site, or a page full of assets, or just individual files? How do you work your file structure locally with originals and optimised images?



bump… anyone got some ideas on this?

Hey @EvanCowan! For my images, I really like to use the “save for web” feature in Photoshop! I think you can also run a script in Photoshop for multiple resizing or compressing.

Unfortunately you can’t just replace an image in the assets manager to update it site wide. I use to import all the assets I can before to start any project, so that way I have no, or few updates to make when the design is completed.

When I have an image to replace, I always delete the old one in the assets manager just to keep it organized, but this is completely optional.

So here’s my workflow!

Might be useful

Thanks Donald!

I am trying to use Webflow as a Design & Build tool, hence I don’t have all the assets ready before I start. I use ImageOptim and pngYu to optimise images when I make web banners - but I see that webflow now makes multiple sizes of large images - so I assume uploading optimised images is not really applicable anymore… I could be wrong?

Anyone else got tips / tricks?

I always use optimized images and never had any issue! We can see a difference in load speed when the images are not optimized!