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Applying Interactions to only Mobile Versions

Hello, Webflow community!

I’m currently designing a site for a photography client and making their site more mobile responsive. The question in mind is I want to make the three main home page buttons open up a custom designed light box. However, I only want those buttons to open the lightbox on the mobile version of the site. The desktop version should already display the slideshow that’s being opened in the lightbox for mobile, and those buttons should take viewers to a corresponding blog page.

In other words, the three “View Pictures” buttons on Desktop/Tablet will take people to the blog, on mobile it will open the lightbox.

Thank you in advanced!

Here is my public share link:

Hello @johnwilliamdev

I think the only thing you can do for now is to disable your buttons on mobile view (or display them : none) and create new lightbox buttons that you disable on desktop and tablet view.

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