How to adjust video width and height within embed! Please help...!

Hi there,

I am trying to adjust the width of the Vimeo video that is embedded to scale to 100% of the container height - i.e, I would like the video to scale proportionately with the images above…

Is it something to do with the Vimeo size? I can’t for the life of me figure this out as I am not the most code/web proficient. I was following this tutorial but there definitely is some steps missing…

Note on the tutorial linked above: I wasn’t able to get the HTML Embed for the video to sit within a Collection List, but it appears that doesn’t matter anyway as the videos that I am linking to in my Projects CMS Collection via the Vimeo Share link function are appearing regardless of being held within a collection list.

Here is the read only link to my site!


I also don’t care about sound! I just want the video to autoplay and function like the background video element within webflows builder… If anyone has a better solution for this, I am happy to listen!! Thank you :slight_smile:

Solved: I can’t really explain in the time I have currently… but heres a link to the site now, and you can see how it performs/copy it :slight_smile: