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Vimeo embed not sizing to 100% width

Hello all!

My goal here is to have this Vimeo video expand to fit the width of the page container, but it’s proving to be stubborn. Within the embed code, I changed the h & w to be “100%”, then in the embed div, I changed the h & w to be “100%”, which is all housed within the site container.

With these parameters, the video is still tiny. Maybe 300x400px. Any ideas?

As a side note, I’m not using the Video Component because I want to loop and autoplay the video without controls.

The read-only link is below and I have the component setup in the “Video Test” page.

Here is my site Read-Only:


Try to set the height in px - for example: 580px. btw your video is private and not shown in the read only link.

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