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Constraining 100% Width Vimeo Background Video embed to section or div

Hi all,

I’m attempting to implement some custom code for a Vimeo video embed.

I found this tutorial explaining how to achieve this in Webflow with an embed item nested in a section.

I followed his instructions and it works like a charm except that the embed doesn’t respect section hierarchy so I’m futzing with position settings to constrain the background video ONLY within its section (or div).

Is there a more effective way to constrain the background video to a div block or section? Ultimately, the goal is 100% width embedded video with a custom height (cropped by px height?) that has sections/content above and below it on the page.

I’m still new to Webflow and I’m sure there is information I missing. Thanks so much for your help!

I an looking for a solution on this too, did you find a solution you could share?

Or just copy/paste the code??

I’d like to implement your code into my site to see how well it works.

Unfortunately I was not able to solve this and so I’m using links of background video elements within CMS using an HTML embed element. Pixel Geek provides a tutorial on this.

People in a variety of YouTube comments have stated that styling an externally linked (Vimeo) by video requires custom CSS code but no one has cited any code or provided guidance that I’ve seen.