How to adjust elements in responsive design?

I’m working on my first Webflow project, and despite that theres a lot that I don’t get yet, I really enjoy working in this tool. Awesome!

Okay so I need to make this completely simple design responsive, but can’t seem to make a proper style that works for my element to adjust the screen size. The button stays when the text adjusts - how can i get the button to stay under the text?


Hope theres a friendly soul who can help me with this. Thanks!

  • Frederik

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Can you share your preview link please?

Hi Frederik,

That is because you are using absolute positioning for your button - something you should almost never do!

Make us of the CSS box model instead:

  1. Wrap your content in a div and position that div with margins or use flexbox.
  2. Adjust the margins and paddings of the elements inside your div so they fit your desires.

Furthermore I’d recommend:
3. Take 2-3h out of your busy day and watch the video tutorials on webflow about the box model.
4. Learn everything about the box model, start here: Element Spacing Webflow Tutorial
5. Complete this for a quick understanding about responsive web design concepts: Webflow Playground

Believe me, this will help a lot.


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