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Adjusting elements to screen resolutions

Well this might be a silly question but I can not seem to be able to solve it.

So on this page I have the text “outside” and “the box” on the side, it should be aligned to the left side of the white container and the other one - on the inside of it on the top. Its ok on some resolutions but in others it moves around, Ive tried a million things, even considered making it an image and have it as part of the background (that was kinda rubbish as well). I checked for similar issues on the forum but nothing solves this.

Any ideas of how I can do it so it aligns itself correctly on different resolutions?


If you want the vertical text element to always be positioned the same regarding the big white block, then position it taking the white block as a reference.

Put the element inside the white block, reset previous absolute positioning styling and set them again as desired. Remove overflow hidden on the white block.

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perfect, that all makes sense and worked thanks!

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