How to add Tables in Webflow's CMS

Hello everyone,

I am deeply frustrated by not finding anyway to enter a table into my blog that has been hosted on Webflow. I saw this discussion where I saw that people were able to upload tables to their blog Tables in CMS Blog Posts?.

But, I am unable to do it, adding won’t work, the H6 tags won’t work.

Can anyone here help me? I desperately need this feature to work.

Please add the additional information described here: Posting Guidelines for the CMS Help Category

As I wrote before, adding H6 does nothing. That’s how it “does not work”. Can you create a video that shows how it works? I think that’s very reasonable for me to ask from the Webflow team as well.

What additional information do you want me to share here?

And please, don’t throw generic “How tos”, they are helpful to nobody. I am a mod at Stackoverflow, for better part of it I’ve helped millions. I see that someone here from the community has added “Custom code help” here, want to understand why is it like that?

And, do you seriously except all Webflow users to learn all ins and out of the ecosystem (completely forgetting the fact that this was supposed to be a quick and dirty implementation)? Not everyone has 100 hours to spend on a simple website, the forum support should ideally help here. If I wanted to spend 100 hours, I would’ve coded the entire site by myself. But here I am regretting my decision to not to do that and getting a Snarky response.

So much for “easy to use”. It isn’t easy to use if there’s no community support, period.

Nice try. I don’t think so.

The link can be found on my previous reply above. Take a look at it.

How so? Tables have never been supported by Webflow. All there is are workarounds that have to be custom-coded/tailored to each project. See

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I read your question so i wanted to try it out for myself making tables with CMS.

This is what i got.

Gr Argo