How to add more pictures to a project from CMS

Hello everyone!
i’m pretty new to webdflow and still figuring stuff out so sorry if my question might be dumb.
I’m working on a template that i got from the website and from the project cms, as you can see from the screenshot of my page, my project has 6 images available. Is there a way to add more?

Looks like an older template design. Webflow has added an image gallery field which allows up to 25 images in a single field.

You will need to do a bit of template redesign to add that the UI you want for that gallery though, typically it’s a collection list bound to the field containing images and possibly a linked lightbox.

it seems like i’m not capable of doing so

Webflow University has all the videos you need. Read up on Collection lists, multi-image fields, and possibly lightboxes and you should be sorted.

i’ve watched all the tutorial you suggested me but it doesnt look like its helping me. from my ignorant point of view on this, it feels like since its a template and set up already, what the video are teaching is not working. and my skill level doesnt help

Persist, Watch them again, do the tutorial exercises.
Every person here face the same learning curve.

i managed to find the solution thank you. it was more simple than i believed. From the cms settings, add new field and new pictures. and a lil bit of design and there u have it