How to add custom phone input to Snipcart integration

Hi everyone!

I’ve integrated Snipcart into my Webflow project, and would like to add a phone number input at checkout. Their docs say you need a separate HTML file that will have the overrides necessary for it to work, but I can’t figure out how to get that done from within Webflow. Has anyone had any luck with this?

Thank you!


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Hey @kineskisenf

I have Snipcart as well. We can’t add this feature because you don’t have access to the HTML. :slight_smile:

Thank You for the information

Hi Gary! Is there anyway we can do this in Webflow at all? I would need to add a “VAT” field because of EU Tax. If not, do you have a better alternative in mind? I have looked for a solution and thought Snipcart could finally be it…


Just FYI, please add the user handle with @ or the person won’t get the message.

This can’t be done in Webflow. You’ll have to contact Snipcart support and ask them for an alternative. Without access to the HTML there’s no workaround. Sorry.