How to add anchor text to my links

Can anyone assist me in showing how I can add anchor text to my links. When I run a website audit I am getting a lot of warning that my links have no anchor text. I am trying to make sure our site is ADA compliment and this is part of that.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - ACP

Did you work out how to this? I’m in the same situation.

Cameron, not sure where to go here.
I have checked what an anchor text is and its the words inside the link.
I have checked the code webflow creates and it shows those words, an example on my webpage from Web Dev Tools.

<a href="#pagespeed-insights-consultancy-included">High mobile Google PageSpeed Insights score.</a> for example.

High mobile Google PageSpeed Insights score is the anchor text

From what I have found the error or warning is saying you are using 1 or 2 basic words such as “here” “read more” and they are bad anchor links.

Hope that makes sense and if I have missed the issue let me know.
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