Anchor text in a link block

I do have linkblock in my webflow site but it shows that these are links without any anchor text in site audit. How do I put anchor text for a link block?
Any help would be much appreciated.

You must have image inside those link blocks or some elements other than texts.

For that you can add Alt text to the images from the Assets panel. That Alt text will work as descriptive content for the link.

Thanks for the solution. Will try that but is there any way apart from placing images because I have huge amounts of data with link blocks and without images.

It would be best if I can check your implementation. Please share your project and I’ll look into it.

Project Link
Please find attached the link for the project. Thanks in advance

Main issues you have are with the links on the listed items and on the cards below that.

And as you can see those links are blank, instead of placing contents inside. Your link is placed over those contents with position absolute. It is best to keep those contents inside the link.

And beside those other issue is showing for the filter, but it seems like a bug. Because those links have text coming from the CMS data, so this is not actually an issue. I’ve tested your site on Lighthouse as well.

Thank you so much @abirana for such a detailed response. It solved a huge problem for me.

Glad I can be of some help.

Have a good time.