How to add a section on one page without adding it to every page inside the cms collection projects

Hello everyone! i’m pretty new to webflow and still learning a lot.
I hope i made myself clear enough from the title of this topic. but I’m using a template i got from the website and i have all the pages inside the cms colletion project. I’m trying to showcase more picture on a page then the other ones, but when i add a new section (as well as deleting one) it automatically adds it to all the other pages too. How can i add an element to a page without adding it to every other one?

here’s the read-only link Webflow - Manfredi's Superb Site

It will be on all of the pages, but you can use conditional visibility to decide when it appears.
For example suppose it’s a CTA, and you only want to show it on certain collection pages. You can add a CTA switch field to your collection, and the set the conditional visibility of the DIV so that it only displays when “CTA is on”.

Hello michael, thanks for replying me again!
could you please show me or tell me where i can find that ?

It’s the first match;

Thanks a lot Man you are really helpful