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How to add a image in "work image"? There is no option in the settings

So, I am using a webflow template to create a portfolio website for myself. On the Home page there is a 2x2 grid to showcase projects. Now I want to update the default image of the template with image from my work. But there is no option for the same, unlike other image elements which has replace image option in the setting.

I tried adding the image as an overlay directly from the assets but then the image gets stretched on preview mode.

Can someone please share any solution?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Sushmita_Meena

The work-image element is a link block. You can set your image on background.

If you need more help please share your read-only link


Here’s how you can set the image on the background >


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That was helpful… Though on mobile preview mode, the image got cropped from sides. Is there any way the image doesn’t get cropped?