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Images getting cropped in mobile view


I am facing this issue of images getting cropped from sides in the mobile preview mode. Is there any setting in which the image retains the width of the device and height changes proportionately?

This is the desktop preview:

While this is the mobile view:

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Change image to contain

Changed the image to container as you suggested, but now the image is looking like this:

Try removing tile option from same image settings.

  • Change STEMpedia Web Design size to custom
  • Change My Illustrations to Contain
  • PictoBlox App to Contain

hi @Sushmita_Meena its because you are using image as background with setting fit to cover. I do not see something wrong with that. Only I can recommend is to use image it self instead use it as background. When you use image as background you have to set height of container. When use image container will take height from its content (img). Then you have more control. But of course I do not know reasons why you have decided to use image as background in first place.

Hi @Stan. The reason I added the image as background is because, there would be a grey area around the images on all preview mode when the images are used as itself. Have a look at the images below.

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hi @Sushmita_Meena this is very easy fix as you can see on picture your image holder has background-color set to value f4f4f4 that in not pure white. You can change it to transparent or ffffff and you will be set.

here is link to one of the best color picker to understand these values

I had tried that earlier. The grey area turns white but the space between the image and the text remains the same!

hi @Sushmita_Meena you have to set your height to auto instead of 460px

Hi @Stan! As soon as I changed the height to auto, the image just vanished. Have a look:

Because they are used as background. I have explained how it works in firs reply.