Image not sizing well and getting cropped in blog card page

How to fix this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The read only link doesnt seem to work - but, you can change the image’s class settings to be “Fit” that way the whole image will be displayed.

Also - if you set it to auto height and 100% width, it should maintain it’s aspect ratio

Hey @Julian_Galluzzo Thanks for your response. I tried doing what you mentioned but it is not working. :frowning:

The image is part of a class so I am trying to edit that but it’s not happening.

Read only link - Webflow - Azibo marketing site

Found the solution!

You currently are using a background image - you need to instead use an actual image element like this

Hi @Julian_Galluzzo Thank you for your response. I checked again but the settings seem same for the bottom images too. Can you please let me know how to change it from background to featured? It is showing featured image to me

For both instances, you will have to delete the Featured Image block and then add in an image item