(How) Is This Possible? (publish files automatically)

I would like to build a simple website that you can email photos, videos & audio files to. Anything that gets sent to a specific email address appears on the site.

Is it possible to make something like that (or similar) without custom code?


Set up a Zap with Zapier using their Email Parser trigger paired with Webflow’s “Create Live Item” Zap as the action.

You’ll need to have a Webflow CMS set up to make this work.

Thanks @jackwabbit! :slight_smile: Gonna have a look into how that works right away!

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I’ve set it up and to a certain extent, it’s working – but not entirely.

I’ve set up the Zap in a way that - I think - it should be working but I’m confused with the options. I want it to grab the image that’s attached to the email and publish it automatically.

This is what it looks like. But I’m confused by it saying "Email attachment: (Exists but not shown)"

I grabbed a CMS gallery template to test this quickly. The 4 entries on the top that just show the date are the test emails I sent. So something gets published, just not the photo/attachment.

Any idea why that might be the case and how to solve it?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hmm, i’ll try to test it on my end later today. Hard to say otherwise.

Make sure you have an image CMS field set up to accept the info though.

Ah ok, let me check that later or tomorrow before you invest any of your time.

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Hm…don’t seem to be able to figure this out. :man_shrugging:

No images show up in the CMS items that are created by the emails.

Not sure if it will help but I’m just going to leave the read-only link here: Project LINK

Keep in mind that this is not necessarily the end project. I just picked a random gallery to test if this approach works.

A few words about what I have in mind:

As a mothers’ day project, I would like to make a simple site that kids can email photos (maybe videos & audio as well) to which will then get published automatically.

Ideally, the mother would get an email notification every time new content is published (but I don’t want to make it too complicated either).

Just thought I’d mention this in case anyone has - simpler - ideas on how to make this work or maybe some fun input on what functionality to add.

Ok, I think I’m going to give up on this. I’ve added fields in WF and deleted them again, deleted and rebuilt the zap and connected it with the parser and Webflow 3 times.

And this is the (latest) error message I’m getting now.

I’m at my wit’s end. :man_shrugging:

Sorry to hear that Christoph! Seems like something that can potentially work. I got notifications on for this topic, just haven’t had time to try and test it out on my end.

That stuff can be frustrating! Really good learning process though.

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Yeah, I know. It’s good to practice & learn a little bit. But it also made me remember why I didn’t like Zapier. LOL

Thanks so much for checking in and helping out, @jackwabbit :pray:

Try this with integromat. :slight_smile: I think that should work better.

Thanks @ElviraNL - I’ll check it out! :slight_smile:

I’ve played around with this for a couple of hours now. It looks very promising but I’m running into similar issues.

I can get text to upload and display but no images.

Not sure if that has anything to do with how I set up the scenario on Integromat or whether that’s anything on the WF end.

Oh well. :man_shrugging:

Tested this out with the same results. I think it might be an issue on Zapier’s end. When looking at the task history, looks like the image is coming in but not going out. You should email them, they’ll at least be able to see exactly what’s going wrong:

Hey thanks for testing this! :smiley: So at least it’s not (just) me. :sweat_smile:

Hm, that’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll do that…or dig into Integromat a little more. That looked promising too.

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