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How I do i get a multi-column slider to stop at a certain position/slide?

I have a multi-column slider on my page under the “Our Artists” section and once you reach the very end of the slides, at the last slide, there is a large amount of empty space.

How do I combat this so that my slides stop at a certain position of the page so that there isn’t the empty space at the end of my slider? Is it possible to restrict scrolling at a certain slide so that the end slide doesnt reach that the position?

Here’s a video that might help explain:

End of Slider

Here is my public share link:

Seems like you’ve solved it.

Yes, I have! Thanks for checking in!

For the solution (if anybody needs it), I just added additional divs in side the last slide to take up the space.

Hey! I’m having the same issue. How exactly did you solve it?