Removing extra white space from multi column slider

Hello guys, I’m new here and it’s been fun using webflow. I however ran into an issue where I have extra whitespace at the end of my multi column slider, any help how to solve this issue, it’s really frustrating.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Your read-only link is not working. Here’s a tutorial on generating a read only link:

Hi Jack, thank you! I’ve updated the read only link.

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Ah I see what you mean about the blank slides at the end now. I actually have had the same issue, seems that a lot of others have too with no solutions but custom code.

Another option might be using BXSlider, it can loop and has a lot of customization available. There’s a tutorial for using it with Webflow here: [Tutorial] How to add bxSlider in Webflow (ticker style carousel)

Thanks much, I’ll check that out

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Anyone know of any fixes that focus on the native Webflow slider? @Finsweet perhaps?