How I can make my navbar full width?

Here’s the link: Webflow - POLINA WEB 2

Trying to do full width website like this one:

Hii Polina Shishkina,
You have added 2 containers

  1. Navbar Logo Center Container
  2. Container
    in both of which Max-Width has been added, either keep the same width you want to set or remove both.

Thank you. It worked. Also, in order to make it wider on screens 1920 and larger I need to create another breakpoint or I can just increase Max W to 2000px?

I’m curious about how this navbar can have a full width while having its maximum width set to 0?

Navbar’s width is 100%. and padding-left and padding-right set is 36.
so, If you look at any screen, it will calculate subtract the padding-left and padding-right.
it will display navbar in full width.