How do you link to the products page

how do you create a link to a prodocuts page and how do you create links to scroll through each product.

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Sounds like you’re looking to understand Links and Collection Lists, which you’ll be using together. These resources will help you use these properly;

Typically, you’ll want your consumers to peruse your Online Store so they can view all your Association has to offer. Occasionally, you may also like to connect directly to a product from your marketing and email campaigns. You may have a huge event approaching and, as part of a promotional email, want the consumer to click straight to the event so he or she may register immediately.

Or you may have a new and interesting highlighted product that you want to promote to a Mailing List’s subscribers. In each of these cases, it is simple to configure a new or current template to include direct links to these goods in the Online Store.

This section demonstrates how to create a basic template for a product announcement, such as an event, that connects directly to the event from your email, as well as how to edit the template in the future when you have a new product to announce so that you may reuse it numerous times.

To create a direct connection to a product in the Online Store, you must do the following steps:

Obtain the URL of the product to which you want to create a direct connection in your marketing templates.

Modify your marketing template to include a link to the URL of your product.
Test your template.

Additionally, you may adjust your template as necessary by acquiring new Product IDs for future goods you want to directly connect to.