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Tooltip or popup on images

Guys, is it possible by any chance to create tooltips or popups with image and link when clicking on certain items pictured in an image? We want to make shoppable images basically, where you click on an item in the photo and will open a pop up with an image and link connected to a product page.

Example below:

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This should help. You’ll need to insert dynamic lists into each item though with filtering applied to get the correct item and you’ll be limited to 20 items per page (20 dynamic list limit)

Hi Dave,

It seems very complex. And is it possible to style it like in the images i sent? Add a photo, a title, and a “Add to cart” button in it?

Sure, you can do anything as if it were a static div, you just will need to style it custom. It is very complex, unfortunately that’s the only way to do it at this time.

I’m a first timer on webflow and managed to build by myself watching tutorials and stuff… but this seems a bit too complex unless i can see a video step by step and copy. You wouldn’t set it up for me for a fee would you? :slight_smile:

Are you hoping to put this inside of a slider? if so, there’s no way to do that. I also would advise against doing something like this as it won’t work on anything but desktop as there is no hover interaction on touch devices. You could always look into 3rd party integrations for this Adding Tooltip to image

I wouldn’t really be interested in taking on this job as I don’t like to build out things that aren’t responsive. I also have almost no experience with e commerce.