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How can i make tooltips be shown by the cursor/pointer on hover?

I got stuck in creating tooltip, got an idea of puttig tooltip content on background, but can"t understand how to make tooltip appear in exact place, like here
mine tolltips showing up only fixed to a center of a page. ( i"ve done everything like it"s been shown here Footer menu with popups)

tooltips have to appear infront of question icon in a list, for example like here

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Hello @iirispaikese,

For create a tool-tip that follows the cursor around (like on the pricing page) within only Webflow not possible now. You wll need to add a jQuery plugin or custom code.


I’ve used this in the past:

Hope this helps :smiley:

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If I understand you correctly, you want to do this
In order to tooltip appears next to icon:

  1. for alt div: “position: relative”
  2. create text block in alt div
  3. for this text block: “position: absolute” (top left)
  4. set the desired style to text block and “display: none”.
  5. set interaction for icon

Thank you, so much)))

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