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How do we create faceted search in webflow?

Can we create filters in webflow by pricing , size, colour etc?

No. Faceted search is not currently available. You have no hooks into elasticearch. You can only choose what is indexed.

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Is there a way around ?

I can only think of one possibility. Export all your CMS data, into a JSON file, then use a third party search engine like, and push that data up and then display it via their API where you want. I have done similar before.


Thank you for the response. Would i have to keep updating the both the cms when i make changes in one or will it be automated?

Two options currently exist: You export data via the WF API, or CSV and import it into Algolia, or you bridge the two using the API provided by both with a custom app running on a separate server. The first is manual, the second a batch. Neither is real time. Unless you are a coder or have a team, the latter would require paying for development. Maybe in the future a Zapier integration will exist with Algolia.

Magento has faceted search and now has an integration to Algolia. There are other solutions you can research.

Here is a straightforward tutorial showing how Isotope can be used to set up faceted navigation using Webflow CMS: