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How do I turn off the email footer: Number of submissions received in my emails

A client of mine noticed that the following line is added to the emails:

Number of submissions received
35/1000 this month
August 27th – September 27th
[Unsubscribe] from notifications for this site.

How do we turn this off and not show it in the emails?

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Duplicate of New email footer

Not completely. That topic was more about getting rid of the Webflow Team in the signature. Anyway they are related indeed. Hope webflow has an option to remove it from the sended mails.

We are working on a way for you to control that right now. It will ship very soon.

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Hi @Lindapham Thanks for your fast reply. Could you give an update in this thread when the updates is shipped?

Hi everyone. You now should be able to turn on or off the form submission count from your form notification emails. image


@Lindapham is it possible to unlock the forum topic Ability to remove new "Unsubscribe" link from mail notifications as this is still the main issue that everyone is tracking and hasn’t been resolved in the update despite the admin response or closing of the topic.

The unsubscribe link still appears and goes to and it’s still possible for clients to be unsubscribed by their customers when forwarding or replying to an email. The critical issue here is that the unsubscribe link needs to be removed completely for designers. It is a shame that so many are having to use 3rd party form services because of this one limitation. If you can expand the above solution to include one more line of text, you’ll make a lot of customers very happy :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t even need to have that, to be honest. I understand the PURPOSE of the link is to avoid spam. Otherwise, you could use Webflow’s form system to send out anything you want to anyone you want.

All that needs to be done is that the link needs to go to a page where you re-enter your email address for verification.

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Hi @Cricitem - thanks for the reply!

The issue is that the method chosen has to unfortunately be the worst possible way to fufill that purpose and it would be 1000x more effectively resolved by a simple double opt-in system and removal of the unsubscribe link altogether.

If anyone is seriously using webflow as a mass spam client I propose they are not destined to be a hacker or an email marketer for that matter :slight_smile: For the one or two users that are abusing the policy simply block them from the platform as would be permitted in the terms and conditions of use.

In the current implementation:

  • A client forwards a contact form to their colleague, or replies to the site visitor. That person clicks unsubscribe and the client is unsubscribed. Unless you are paid 24/7 to watch for such notifications it is reasonable to expect this will cause lost emails.
  • Most people in the world who aren’t web designers logically see a spam form submission come in and would think to unsubscribe from it, not realizing the effect this has until business critical communication has been lost.
  • Webflow charges for a white label solution for developers and teams. The link goes straight to webflow.
  • Until the switch was added to turn it off, forms just started sending clients webflow advertising and email limits without warning. The same happened when this unsubscribe link was implemented in the first place. In general there are many people that pay a lot of money for an advertised white label solution and a single breach of branding in such a direct medium undercuts the value of a designers service offering. In general there is unfortunately a wider lack of respect for designer + client relationships when it comes to the control of client facing communications. Personally, I have so little trust that I did opt for a third party solution to handle email for larger clients but this still needs to be resolved for smaller end clients, and other members of the webflow community. Not to mention if ever e-commerce notifications are to ever become secure

Yes! that would be the best, 2 step sign up