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How do I track downloads from my website?

Good afternoon Webflow community!

We’ve got a couple of downloadable documents on our website at the moment:

We’re trying to figure out how to tell how many people have clicked to download them… and if possible a way to get their name and contact details in the process.

I’ve not come across anything in the dashboard settings except viewership and unique viewers… Any clues guys and gals?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello @Martin_DSGNLAB,

what do you use to get users to download your content? is it a third party service like dropbox? if it is then maybe you should check with them.

No nothing like that, it’s a simple button on our website that downloads a PDF for them (Though for some reason the download just opens a new tab…)

I see @Martin_DSGNLAB, so you used some custom code and made the pdf available on all browsers. That is actually a good way to add downloadable content on a site. But since webflow doesn’t host the downloadable files, I think it is impossible for them to keep track of who is downloading them, the browsers are hosting those files. I would suggest to use a third party integration like dropbox of mailchimp to keep track of your users downloading your files. I hope you find a solution for your problem.