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Documents for download on a Webflow site?

I’m building a website using Webflow, however, the client wants the ability to download PDF documents from a categorized download page. I see Webflow doesn’t currently provide this option. Does anyone have any idea for a workaround?


Hi @Jon1916, thanks for the post :slight_smile: The workaround for the moment, is to upload your PDF files to Dropbox or other CDN and then link to those PDFs from the Webflow hosted site.

Take a peek here: Linking to PDF Files

I hope this helps!

Thanks Dave. Is there a way of making the documents download automatically from this source, instead of leaving the site and into Dropbox or equivalent? Also, do you know if this is likely to be added as an addition in the near future within the Webflow platform?

Hey @Jon1916,

you just have to replace the “www.dropbox” from the link you get from dropbox (share menu) with “dl.dropboxusercontent”.

This will start the download of a PDF file immediately.


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