How do I style my nav board?

On the mobile responsive site I cant seem to find the editing section, Please can someone help me navigate where is is.

My read me is:

By editing, do you mean the links themseves?
In Webflow’s default nav design, the links on the hamburger mobile menu are automatically created from the link and dropdowns you have in your desktop nav.

I mean, the colour of the hamburger drop down. I want to change it to my branding colours and font but cant find the hamburger nav in the navigator so unable to edit it. Just wondered if anyone could help me with locating it?

You’re looking at it in the screenshot above- you just need to be out of preview mode, and then select the element you want. You’ll see it in the left-side nav.

If you’re struggling to expand it;

  • Change to mobile view ( landscape prob? wherever you want to style )
  • Click the hamburger menu
  • Under settings, expand the menu so it appears and you can see it on the design canvas
  • Click those elements and/or use the left side nav to select what you want, and style it

I think the Webflow video on navs shows this, if you’re struggling to find the right options.