How do I edit content in my hamburger on mobile?

I have cloned a site and when I size down to mobile it has links in which I am unsure how to edit and change as I can not navigate where they are and how to open this section up?

Can anyone help me with this?

Under settings for the navigation, you can expand it.

Note that if you’re using Webflow’s standard nav, the navigation on desktop is typically visible, and then it collapses to hamburger mode at lower breakpoints. Assuming that’s your setup, just edit the desktop menus for content, and then you only need to worry about styling in the mobile nav.

The hamburger menu is different to the desktop standard navigation. I belive it is something to do with the CMS, but I dont know anything about CMS and how to edit it.

When I am on the desktop version I have ‘About’ ‘Home’ ‘Contact’ then once dropped down to the hamburger, this is gone and I get the CMS pages, which i’m unsure how to edit?

I hope that makes sense?

Mgurph, ok whoever built your template used a non-standard nav.
That’s a pet peeve of mine, it’s double work to design in that situation and I’d probably replace it with a standard nav.

But if you like the mobile styling and want to keep it separate, you’ll just work with what they’ve built. You can find it at the bottom of the page under menu, which you’ll need to make visible in order to see and edit. Hide it again before publishing.

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Oh thank you for showing me! I thought it was different to the usual navs!