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Design not responsing


Normally I have our developer make anything web-related, I just do the pretty designs, so forgive me if I’ve done something silly!

This design (specifically the yellow part) so far looks ok on desktop. I’ve had to use minimum width divs (which is probably the problem), but when I view on tablet or mobile it’s not responding?

How would I go about making my design still look how it looks on desktop, but also then respond down automatically? I had a play with containers, but I couldn’t get it to look like my design does using divs.


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Did you get your issue resolved? If not, I’ll help ya out.

Thanks Gary!

So I sort of solved it… But created a new problem…

On desktop, I want these boxes to switch left and right with the image and the text:

However, on mobile I want the image always to be at the top like this:

The problem I have is if I change the order of the containers in the mobile design view, it effects the desktop container order as well…

How do I go about achieving both?

EDIT: Think I just solved by choosing ‘first’ from the Flex Child Order…

Ok a new issue… (Sorry!)

Full-screen desktop one of my containers looks like this, great!

However responding, it looks like this and the text hits the edge:

Any ideas what I’ve done/need to do?


Hmm… probably pixel sizing… I take a quick look now… Oh it looks great! You fixed it.:smiley:

I did! Sorry, I forgot I posted here! Thank you for taking a look!