How to make half-visible slider

I have trouble with making the slider. The idea is to have a slider on the left and the text on the right side of the screen. This is the screenshot from Figma (I’ll include the link to Figma file):

My container’s width is 1216px. The width of textual content on the right should be no less than 384px and be aligned to the right side. A gap between the textual content and a slider should be 32px. The slider should take the rest of the screen. Note: The elements in the slider should go from left to right - the opposite way of default slider behavior so the element in focus should always be one on the right on the slider (that’s the IMG1 in Figma)

This is a Figma file:

I do not have a Webflow file. Instead, if you know the solution, create one Webflow file and share the link with me so I can remake that in my file