How do I get my Pricings page to sync-up with the responding text

Hi all, I’m relatively new to Webflow and I absolutely love it. I’m pretty tech-savvy but I can’t seem to figure this one out. Maybe it will require custom coding, I’m not sure.

Link to video:

I’ve attached a video link to help describe my issue. Basically, how do I get the text below to change when I change the answer on the select-dropdown. When I switch to 2-5 users, it should change the price from $7 to $17…help?

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Welcome to the community @WeStriveApp!

You’ll need to make sure you have different prices set on your variants for this option to update when selecting an option from the dropdown.

Without seeing the project I can’t say for sure if there would be anything else preventing the update, so if you’re still having problems just include your read-only share link and I’ll take a closer look :+1:

So I figured out how to get it to change in the Pricing Template page from the template I purchased…but I can’t figure it out for the regular Pricing page I made.

It keeps just making multiple boxes instead of putting them all in the drop-down

Since you’re creating this page on a static page (as opposed to the dynamic “product” collection page) you’ll need to include a Collection List element tied to your Pricings collection:


The dynamic pages—shown in purple in the pages list—are already “tied” to one of your collections (which is why there are pages created for each available collection). Static pages (shown in grey) are not dynamic without the Collection List element mentioned above:

Once you’ve got the Collection List added, just add an “Add to Cart” element inside any of the purple boxes to include the dropdown selection list (like your product page):



Keep in mind this page will show all of your pricing options in a row by default—so you’ll probably want to create a filter for a particular tier and create additional pages for the other two tiers:


Thanks for the response, I was under the impression that I could only use ‘Add to cart’ on the Pricings page - so this helps.

With that being said. I have the drop-down now a lot easier, but I can’t get it to reflect the ‘Text’ amount.

I’m trying to be able to change it to 2-5 clients and have it say ‘$17’ instead of the whole Quantity thing.

The Collection List you added works like any other dynamic list, so you can add new text elements and map them to specific collection fields (like price) by selecting the “Get text from” checkbox in the Settings panel and choosing an option from the dropdown:


If you want to hide any elements, you can either delete them from the canvas or in the case of some of the specific “Add to Cart” elements, just toggle them to “Hide” in the settings panel:



HAHAHA thank you so much. Although, I swear I tried that an hour ago and it wasn’t showing me any results. Anyways, you’re awesome. Thank you!

Actually, this is just getting more frustrating. I got it to work on my ‘Canvas’ page. Then I went back to it and I couldn’t see the select option anywhere.

Now I’ve Restored a back-up so the Select option is back, but when I go to click on the check boxes, it’s only letting me choose from the Product Options tag and I can’t choose from pricing…and I don’t know why.