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Variations prices not being updated

Context - I’m trying to set up photo prints with different sizes. Each size has a different price.

I added the different prices to each variant but the text for the price is not updating when a photo print size is chosen. As a workaround, I decided to add the price to the title of each variant (shows up in the option dropdown) but will the cart update the pricing accordingly?


Link to project

Sorry, I can’t give you a direct answer as I’m not sure how your cart is processing the values of the product. Some use a value of the item in a post and some might use the value of the Sku from a database.

The flow you can use is a javascript that can use the selection to change the value of the price field. So, you start with the lowest amount as the default price and when a different variable is selected, the new scripted price is assigned.

If the price is pre-set from a database, when building your product option variables you might be able to assign the different price to the variable.

Without these options, the cart will usually not be able to understand the price change from the title difference.

Hi @Day!

The variant price should update on the live site. It currently does not update when previewing in the Designer.

If it does not update on the lives please let me know, and I’d be happy to look into this further.

Hey John. Thanks for this - I’ve just spent the better half of this morning trying to figure this out. Can I suggest that this information be included in the Webflow University article for product variants? Additionally, it would be great if the price did update on the designer site - it would certainly save time in debugging. Thanks