How do I get my existing site API key?

I have a client website that I’m writing a windows app for, which will make some updates through the CMS API. This is custom work, so API key integration makes far more sense than O-Auth in this use case.

However under Integrations / API Access, I’m unable to generate a second key, or to view the original key we generated for Zapier. This presents a problem- if we re-generate a new token, the old one is invalidated and we’ll break all of the Zapier integrations.

It seems like I must be missing something? How do I generate a second token, or view the one I’ve already created so that I can use it elsewhere?


Also, there’s a minor typo in your alert message (“immediately”).

I am facing the same problem – how can I view the existing API token so that I can use it somewhere else?

Thank you!!

You’ll have to make a new API key.

We don’t show your API key after it is created for the same reason that passwords are not generally shown in web apps. The API key gives full read and write access to the site’s CMS.

Thanks for your feedback. We added this warning when showing the API key, to hopefully make that more clear:

:warning:️ Copy your API token now, and treat it like a password. For your security, we won’t show it again!

I suggest copying API keys to a password manager when you make them.

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Thanks for clarifying this, @forresto!