API Token - Long lasting

I am having trouble with the API token I created to enable my developer to scrape data that will be added to my CMS.

I understand that some newly generated site API tokens are not compatible with some integrations built using legacy v1 APIs.

If anyone has experience with configuring this, please do let me know whats worked for you.

Right now I am forced to build a new api token every few weeks.

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Phil, can you share more details about what issue you’re seeing?

The v2 APIs have analogues to all of the API functionality in API v1 so there shouldn’t be any functionality gaps

tokens are long-lasting. you shouldn’t need to be creating new tokens every few weeks.

it’s a little confusing, but v1 apis require a v1 token and v2 apis require a v2 token. for v2, the button will just say “Generate API token”. v1 tokens cannot be used to call v2 apis. so either you need to have both tokens for your application to use or you need to use the correct apis for the version of tokens you generated.

also, it seems generating new tokens invalidates your previous tokens.

unless you’re talking about oauth tokens, then I would expect those to expire.

hope that helps!