How do I filter multiple collection lists by a single text input, using mixitup 3? pls halp!


I want to filter multiple collection lists with a search bar on mobile.

Currently, I am able to do this for one collection list in my “Jobs Block”. You’ll see in my read-only site that I have this set up using mixitup 3, a text field, and a bunch of custom code.

I think I’m missing a bit of code that will tell my text input to filter both collection lists in my “Jobs Block”, not just the first one. Can anyone help?

p.s. thanks for the mixitup tutorials @sabanna ! They’ve been a big help in getting this far.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]
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Hey Matt! You could try this library here that handles exactly this situation - you will be able to combine a couple of lists and filter them!

HI, @mattweatherall!

You can use the “trick” I showed in this forum post: [TUTORIAL] MixItUp3 - Filter and paginate Collections with more than 100 items

It will move your job posts from the 2nd collection to the 1st collection list when page loads. This way the plugin will recognize all items and user will be able to filter/sort all of them

Thanks both! :slight_smile:


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