Adding text filtering to mixitup (using text input OR hideseek)


I have a CMS list that I am filtering with 3 dropdowns using Mixitup multifilter (thanks @sabanna !)

Now what I would like to do is allow for a user to search within the results with keywords. I have tried 2 methods so far, neither work completely correctly and if you have experience in either I would appreciate some help! Please ignore the horrible design, I wanted to get it working before worrying about that :slight_smile:

  1. Using mixitup and an hideseek:

hideseek link

The dropdowns work but hideseek hides everything that doesnt match the search, which i think is what it is meant to do - but if a job title contains the right word i dont want it to hide the location / job type etc. Im sure this is something I can configure but i dont know what. Also, the clear filter button clears the text input but does not reset the hideseek function.

  1. Using mixitup and custom JS i found in other posts on the forum.

text input

This is working pretty well but if i filter by text and then filter by a dropdown the text filter is ignored.

Any help / tips would be appreciated.

Anyone able to help with this?

you should check this. Text-based search is also available on Multi-filter but the problem with that is I can’t reset the textfield user has to manually press backspace to remove a search filter. If you find a way to reset do tell me.


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