How Do I Filter Freelancers?

Normally, I use Upwork to find freelancers for our company projects. Since our website is very, very important, I decided to jump straight to the Webflow site to find designers / freelancers for hire - vs the lackluster selection of Webflow freelancers featured on Upwork.

We started our search here…

This page features a nice selection of Webflow freelancers for hire… but I don’t want to look at page after page after page of freelancers.

That page needs a filter -


  • By Hour or Project
  • Hourly Rate
  • Location
  • English? Basic or Fluent?
  • % of Projects successfully completed
  • Rating (if avail)
  • Customer Feedback on Freelancers projects
  • and more…

I don’t have time to look at each and every freelancer - sorry. Filters are needed. Here’s a screen shot of my Upwork / Webflow search. This is what you need -

Thanks for your suggestions. Since this is not a project itself, I am moving the topic to Feedback, since that is what it is. It is more likely to be reviewed there.

Upwork is mega-mega project specific for hiring (& Cost money). Anyway minimal filtering could be helpful also under webflow (But the compare reference is “too much”).