Search in 'Browse Freelance Web Designers'

Is there a way to search for designers by location, or any other filters, in ‘Browse Freelance Web Designers’? I want to network with other Webflow designers in my area.

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Dear Chuck,

“Good Day”

I can Surely help you with freelance development.

Kindly send me your detail requirement and queries on

Want to hear from you soon.

Skype - charlie_5766

No, sadly there isn’t. I think we are many that would love that possibility.

Maybe Charlie_8 here can fix that real quick :grinning:

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Yep @chuckPhipps hopefully Charlie will help you.

If not, did you mean this:

There is a location option there…

I added “Search for Designers” to the Wishlist. It would help finding other Webflow designers in your city for the purpose of creating more community and networking. Please go and add a vote?

What if our community made an unofficial Webflow freelancer directory site? :thinking:

someone should get on that :wink:


I like that idea! I’ll take a crack at it.


Love that idea @Scott_Van_Zandt let me know if you need any help :smile:

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Awesome thanks Aaron! :slight_smile: let’s do it!

@Scott_Van_Zandt @Aaron let me know if I can help in any way


You guyz, @Scott_Van_Zandt and @Aaron, are much faster than me, but I’d like to help on this project, too.

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Let’s all create a email chain or slack and work on this?

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Great idea. I created a Slack workplace called ‘webflowfreelancerlist’. I think it sent an invite to Scott, but here’s the link to join it for @jorn, @Aaron and anybody who’s interested.

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I’ll dive in too :grinning: