How do I duplicate a collection in same website?

How do I duplicate a CMS collection in same website?
I can’t see where I can duplicate here:
I shall use almost all the same content in the next collection, in the same website.
Please help

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Hi @neanea6060

Unfortunately, it can only be done manually, fields after fields.

Just export your collection to a .csv and import that to a new collection… job done! :smiley:


Bravo!! :smiley: :heart_eyes:


But haven’t you got to still make the cms fields in the new collection though no?

@BUMPandHUSTLE That’s true Mark, but that can be done on the fly while running the import. :slight_smile:

Thanks for giving me help with this. It saved a lot of time.

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Cheers Mark, happy it helped you out!! :slight_smile:

When you export and import you have to check every single row. However, if you create a new collection and add a single reference field to the collection you want to duplicate is the easiest way I think. So basically you create a new collection and connect it to the old one (with single reference)