Duplicating Collections and templates

Do you really have to create a collection and template from scratch if you want to duplicate an existing collection and template and only connect that one to the new collection?

All the fields and the design needs to stay the same so I am amazed that I need to start from scratch and enter all the fields and settings manually each time (I need to do this several time) and then go and do the same kind of thing with the template that’s auto-generated for that collection in the Pages menu?

Or is there a better way of doing this?

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You’re right, that’s not possible.

The easiest approach might be described here:

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Hi @spirelli - this link you posted Screenshot by Lightshot
does not work?

I didn’t post that link. That’s within a different thread, posted by a different user. I was just referring you to that thread. You need to click on the thread title to see that conversation.

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It seems crazy that you cannot duplicate templates. I need to set up 4 or 5 different sections which literally are the same design as the original one. So I’d have to start with a blank page each time.

Thanks for posting that potential solution but the downside of this is that it creates new CSS classes so you’d have to update each and every one if you make a change to the design. But at the moment I guess it’s what is the least work, updating the CSS five times when a change is made, plus having an overly messy CSS file or having to build exactly the same template 5x times multiplied also by the number of templates needed for each section( i.e. an index + the individual page).

Unless there is a cleverer way of doing all this, if anyone has an idea?