Style child without adding a class


I’m a big fan of webflow, wich permits to fastly developp html and wordpress site.
I usually take one of my starter bootstrap theme I made and style it with webflow.

Usually, if I want to style a list in my header, I style it like this.
.header ul li {my style}…

In weblfow, I don’t know if it’s possible. I must add a class to any elements, and the css is written like this :
.mynewclass {my style}

Wich is not cool, because you must add a class to each elements of a li for example…

So my question is : Is it a way to style with css selectors ?

It is true that for now Webflow CSS doesn’t behave exactly like you were used to when doing everything manually. But it keeps improving. Here is a post that is a recap of the recent changes in terms of selectors and hierarchy. It’s for now the reference post about that. Changes have just been made so don’t expect an evolution on this too soon…