How do I copy paste elements between projects on different accounts?

My idea is to make a sort of data base of elements onto my own site which is on my own Webflow account and then re-use/tweak them when such elements are needed on client projects. This would make my workflow a lot faster and enable me to take in more clients using Webflow.

I’ve found it to be a easier to have the client open up their own Webflow account to begin the project. I then work under their account until the website is finished and published.

I wasn’t able to copy paste elements from a project on my account to a project on my clients account.
This should be possible, right? I remember doing the same with an element of someone else’s Webflow project somewhere here and it worked just fine.

I wonder what I’m doing wrong this time…



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HI @Seppo_Riiho copy/paste is possible only between project on your account. You can create project and then pass finished project to clients account.

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OK. Thanks for the info @Stan.:sunny:

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