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How do I change a PNG in a div block and the color of a font in a text block upon a single click and have it remain changed?

I am building out this recipe and I need the PNG (number circled) to change to a green check and the text to change green upon clicking. So far each part in the procedure is set in a div block that has div block and text block within it. The child div block on the left is set to relative with a background that has the green check and then a PNG (number circled) is set within it. The text block is just a text block. Is there a way to make it so they both change when I press the parent div block? How do I set this up so it works right?

Let me know if you need me to clarify.

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You can do this by adding classes to the elements with custom code. Finsweet has a tool that generates code by making form selections called Finsweet Class Adder. A quick search online will take you there.

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