Creating DIV blocks that flip to show alternate text

Hi there,

I’m hoping to make some DIV blocks flip over 180 left or right on my home page to disclose more information about the title once you hit a “learn more” button in the DIV.

When they flip over, I want them to have different text than on the initial side. I’m having trouble selecting the same class for each of them because when I try to select a class, it only gives me the combo class option which affects only one of the div blocks. I also don’t know how to change the text on the other side.

Also having issues with button alignment if you’re able to address that too.

Please help!


Screen shot of the section I need help with is attached.

Here is my public share link: LINK(Webflow - Vibe Gardens)

(how to access public share link)

In case screen shot doesn’t load – it’s the ‘Specialty Gardens’ section of the home page.