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How do I add a dropdown selector to a contact form?

Hello everyone!

Is there any way I can add a dropdown selector to a contact form? I am working off this basis, but I want to replace the text fields with a dropdown selector. Help?

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Hi @refinnej backwards :smile:


All the form elements are found in the Forms tab. Any of these can be used as long as they are within a form.


Here’s a small video on how to do that

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Thank you! This was very helpful. It looks like there is no way to style this selector at all? At least, not in designer anyway. Is it possible to style this with custom CSS anywhere? Essentially, I would love to do a play off of this:57%20AM25%20AM

Yes, you can always use custom code to modify elements in Webflow

Hi!!! My name was obviously taken so I thought I would be creative. haha!


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Thank you! Lemme see if I can figure out how to do that. lol

Enjoy your day and thanks again!


This topic may offer some insight.

The biggest issue is the different browsers and devices adding their own styling to forms

I know there is a way to override browser styling on different elements on a website etc. I found this article that explains in further detail.