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Amazing Web Portfolio Design - How to?

Hello everyone,

Do you think it’d be possible to somehow replicate a website like the one below using Webflow only?

Also, the structure seems to be very complex to me (although I must admit I’m a little more than a novice here). How’d you go about structuring it?

Any help would be very welcome.

Thank you,

What a cool site! I’m not sure if you could do this natively in Webflow though I don’t think its possible. Webflow staff, is this possible to be done natively in Webflow? @PixelGeek, @Waldo, @cyberdave; any ideas guys?

Doable but very painful (almost impossible) for non-developers. Requires too many custom JavaScripts.

  • Loading progress
  • Horizontal slider
  • Vertical slider
  • Synchronized sliders
  • Scroll slider
  • Number animates together with slider
  • Tag filter
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Social share links
  • Next/Prev post links

Custom CSS:

  • Arrow hovers
  • Tag hovers
  • Active states

Arrow hovers
Tag hovers
Active states

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