How can I use tags to search Webflow websites

Hi, As a fan of Webflow, I have been very disappointed by the search function within Webflow sites. Compared to Wordpress, the search is terrible. Now I realise this could be me, and maybe I am not doing something right. But I always found search to be a simple feature within Wordpress or other platforms.

Anyway, I am not here to moan about Webflow issues as I still like the the platform (mostly). I do want to know how I can search my Webflow site using tags like the way they have used it in the template here:

If you click the search website icon in the above link, you will see what I mean.

I am assuming, I have to create a CMS collection called tags. And then link each collection item to a tag or multiple tags. However, what else do I need to do to make the search function work?

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help or contribute.

That is not a search function, rather labeled as such. They are simply links to collection items in a collection called blog-tags. This is no different than the procedure to have categories.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your response. I had feeling it was that. But based on what I can see, they have created a normal search field, and below that, they have linked the tags (keywords).

What I want to know is:
a) Is there a way I can create a search field that searches by keywords without having to list all the tags below it? Because I will end up having hundreds of tags.

b) Is there a way where I can have good/great search functionality in Webflow.

Webflow’s search is very limited. The new showcase search is custom, not native for example. You might be able to display a collection list under the search box but the effect is the same. Any limits you place on search indexing affect search site wide.

Yes, by using a third party search engine. Take a look in integrations. Sajari built their site with WF and they offer a site search tool since search is what they do. See → Webflow | Sajari Documentation

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Thank you Jeff. Will something like Sajari make my Webflow site search “as good” as a standard Wordpress website. I keep referring to WP because that’s what I have used for almost 15 years before making the jump to Webflow.

If can make the search to a reasonable standard like WP, then I may need to do this. I kind of resent paying for third party search integration, I think I may need to given the direction I am trying to take my website - and it’s very important to me.


I use Relevanssi on WP most often. Combined with WP GridBuilder it’s a wickedly good combination. I don’t think you can match that, plus I don’t use Webflow for content heavy sites, too many limitations for me and clients.