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How can I use payment options on Forms?

So I basically have a Form with text box, radios, checkboxes, etc. I am trying to figure out how to put a payment option(like paypal and stripe) into the form so that the user pays first before they can click on the submit?

I’m trying to use the built in web payment and paypal elements but it seems like it can only be placed on checkouts.

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That is correct. If you want to process payment transactions via a form you will need to code it yourself or leverage a third-party form engine that can integrate that functionality.

Hello Jeff!
I appreciate your reply.
Do you have any third party in mind that are affordable or better yet free?

I currently use Machform (self hosted), Jotform, and Typeform on Webflow sites. Jotform has some nice features and is priced based on the number of submissions you need. Typeform is a little pricy.

I’ll look into those. Thank you!