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I’m building a site that sells a specific service. I have a few questions and im hoping someone can help.

  1. I need to have a form that will upload information and documents, the submit button should be a payment button, so when the client pays, all the documents and information are uploaded. How can I achieve this?

  2. Whats the best way to incorporate the above, just use webflow business plan, or is there a better solution?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

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Use Jotform or something similar, and embed it in your site.
It supports both the file uploads and the payment capture and can do both in a single form submit.

Webflow doesn’t have a build in “collect payment on form submission” feature, so you’ve need quite a bit of engineering to build it.

Thats one option. What if I eliminate the need for upload on submission and just make it a payment paypal button that captures the contact information. Is that possible natively?

Paypal isn’t native, and I’m not certain what information capture abilities a buy-now button checkout has.
Webflow ECom has I believe 3 custom fields, but it needs a product to purchase, cart-style.

If your goal is capture form data, and take a payment during the capture, Jotform and similar platforms are a much more straightforward solution.

Anything else you’d need to prototype to see if if can be made to meet your needs.